Implementation, Project Management and Upgrade Services

Introducing any information technology into an organization presents risk and it is essential that the process is managed effectively to deliver the fastest benefits and the least disruption. Whilst individual flair and initiative are highly valued at ORA APPS, these must be complemented by a very structured approach. Our strong project management methodologies ensure that goals are clearly understood, and bring together the resources required to achieve them on time and on budget.

Oracle Suite can help your organization gain market share and increase competitive advantage, partner more effectively with customers and vendors, reduce costs, and increase margins. To do so, the implementation must fully support the needs of your business, your users must embrace and understand how to get the most from the new functionality, and you must achieve this while adhering to budgets and project timelines.

To get these results, you need to partner with an Oracle services expert that is as committed to your organizational and information technology goals as you are. ORA APPS is that implementation partner. We provide the people, skills, experience, and tools to help your organization derive the maximum value from your Oracle investment.

Experience—The ORA APPS Difference

Our Oracle practice provides project guidance, as well as implementation support to the world’s leading companies. Our project planning and business experience, industry knowledge, technical know-how, and the functional expertise helps to ensure on time project delivery with no interruption to your business processes.

We enjoy a 100% success rate on Oracle projects due to the depth of knowledge of our Oracle resources. Our Oracle specialists are business professionals with hands-on E-Business and Fusion implementation experience. Their real-life experience can ensure that the software meets the expectations set forth by your business.

Our Approach

Many consulting firms offer Oracle implementation (Fusion and E-Business) and upgrade services, but most fail to focus on the people, process, and technology issues that can jeopardize your implementation. ORA APPS “People, Processes, and Technology” approach handles all these issues simultaneously, delivering the results you expect and meeting your long-term objectives.


Any software implementation means change for your users. How your users adjust to that change can make the difference between an implementation that improves productivity and profit margins, or a costly project that fails to deliver the desired results. Formal and informal end-user training, change management, and business process reengineering are just a few of the ways we help your people adjust to and thrive in the new environment. We focus on knowledge transfer throughout the project, so that by the time systems go live, your users have the skills they need to be more productive than ever.


We understand that every customer is unique, with distinct business strategies and requirements. We focus on your requirements and work with you to determine how Oracle can meet your needs—we have the functional and technical expertise to help you adapt your new system where appropriate, and to help you reengineer business processes to get the most from your Oracle investment. The end result is a set of processes that function seamlessly together with Oracle to meet the needs of your business today and in the future.


Oracle internet-enabled products rely on powerful computing platforms that must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you select size and install a technology infrastructure solution that meets your network, security, data management and hardware needs, providing a stable, productive environment that supports your business requirements. We can also help you to determine whether system outsourcing or ASP hosting is a viable, cost-saving alternative for your organization.

Our Offerings

ORA APPS can ensure your project is successful through every phase of planning and implementation. Using our own project management methodologies, we provide full-service R/3 implementation and upgrade services that include:

  • ROI, Upgrade and 3rd Party Vendor Assessments
  • Project Planning / Management
  • Strategic Staff Augmentation
  • Requirements Definition
  • Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence
  • Modelling and Conference Room Pilots
  • Design and Development
  • Workflow and Business process reengineering
  • Change Management
  • Technology Infrastructure (hosting, networking, security and data management)
  • System Testing
  • Execution and Delivery
  • End User Training
  • System Support