IT Contract Staffing

IT contractor staff for all IT skills and job functions, on a time and materials basis, whether to fill an ad hoc resource gap, or to man an entire project team, or a large framework supply agreement.

We can provide IT contract jobs – for all IT skills and job functions, on a time and materials basis, whether to fill an ad hoc resource gap, or to man an entire project team. We employ thorough selection and screening methods, as part of our unique working methodology PRM™ to ensure we get the right fit of consultant for your assignment.

Focused on IT Contract Jobs

Our business is entirely focused on delivering high quality, innovative IT contract job staffing services, to both large structured IT contract users and smaller ad hoc users of specialist niche contract skills.

Contingency IT Contract Supply

We offer IT contingency contract staff for clients across the US, for all contract IT contractor jobs skills ranging from legacy right through to the most current development skills. We provide a very comprehensive candidate acquisition and screening process to all our clients, which include extensive technical testing and competency based screening.

Volume IT Contractor Jobs Supply Management

We have 12years’ experience as leading preferred suppliers to large IT users, for the ongoing supply of IT contractor jobs and permanent staff. Our Resource Solutions team offer clients a dedicated account team and a highly skilled team of resourcing staff who ensure requirements are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. We offer our clients many added value services including the management of rate cards, legislation compliance assistance, resource planning and full supplier transition support for new contracts.

Ora Apps Contract Services are a perfect solution for companies that experience frequent fluctuation in the need for technical resources. As projects begin to ramp up, Ora Apps is there to supplement the necessary technical resources to complete the job. As projects are completed and inventory begins to slow down, Ora Apps handles the discontinuation of existing contracts. With Contract Services, Ora Apps and the company agree on an hourly bill rate and an expected duration of the contract. Once the contract is started, Ora Apps handles all human resource functions including payroll generation and distribution, payroll tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements and employer related insurance administration.


Contract-to-Hire Services are very similar to Contract Services with the exception that it is normally the intention of the company to hire the Ora Apps consultant at some point in the future. Contract-to-Hire Services give the company the ability to monitor the work performance of a Consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment. With Contract-to-Hire Services, Ora Apps and the company agree on an hourly bill rate for the Contract period and an agreement is worked out between client and us for a smooth transition of the contractor to your payroll as a direct hire whenever you are ready.

Direct Hire

Ora Apps Direct Hire Services are a perfect solution for companies that need technical resources internally but may lack the recruiting expertise or resources to attract ideal “hard to find” candidates. Ora Apps can also do the job that our client can’t, namely seeking out those top performers who are gainfully employed at their current company and not actively seeking to change jobs.

We know it

Hiring is not an easy task. We’ve got your back - recession to recovery - we know people. We’ve huge database of thousands of people and connected to thousands of people based on the unique skills and drivers that really matter to an organization (and its people). Exceptional client service is about going beyond what is realistically expected of you. It is about surprising, and often delighting, customers, turning them into enthusiastic referral sources and lifelong clients who stick with you not only because you do great work at a fair price, but because the value you bring to them goes far beyond just your products.